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These well paying online jobs in Kenya have different pay rates and mostly pay through Pay Pal and Skrill.

You can easily withdraw from Skrill to Mpesa, and from Pay Pal to Mpesa through Equity Bank.

You will neither sleep hungry nor have trouble paying rent.

But try to move up the freelance ladder as you gain experience working online.

Most online freelancers begun their work, and earned their first dollar on i Writer. This is because you just go to the sign-up page to register on i Writer. You don’t even need to upload a photo to complete your profile! The online jobs on i Writer include websites content (articles), ebooks and article re-writes.

All new writers on i Writer begin at the lowest paying level: the Standard writer type.

As you land and complete more jobs, you get to move up the rankings to the Premium, Elite and Elite Plus writers.

You get to select the topics you want to write about on i Writer.

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HDI is used to measure the impact of the economic policies on the quality of life of its people.For some of these well paying online jobs in Kenya, you will need a profile photo, a working e-mail address and a soft copy of your ID card.Here are 5 well paying online jobs in Kenya for part-time or full-time work: It is easy to make money on i Writer.Experts project real GDP growth at 4.3 percent in 2014.The nation continues to benefit from the continued expansion of construction activities.

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