3 strike rule dating

If you are torn about someone, or something, write down the pros and cons.I guarantee you will see something you didn’t before.I must say that I have taken exception to the NMRA's 3-strike rule regarding non-NMRA members attending NMRA events three times without joining, and then being barred for life from attending NMRA events in the future unless they do join.I think this stifles people from wanting to participate in the hobby. Turns out that I know someone in the NMRA who is basically Charlie's neighbor.If he would have explained the insurance aspect sooner, I probably would have said something similar to your post about the litigious society and renewed without much more thought.

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Writing things down on paper forces you to see, in black and white, what your mind processes as a mess of emotion.

It’s hard to know right off the bat whether someone is marriage material or not. Prior to contrary belief, you probably won’t have an earth-shattering, movie-like epiphany telling you “Aha!

This is the one.” (Although, that would be nice, wouldn’t it?

I don't know about the NMRA forecasts of doom, but I have found philatelic magazines dating back to the 19th century where the doom-sayers were predicting the demise of stamp collecting. Both hobbies are constricting in members, and the ways that people participate in the hobbies has changed. However, I believe, like what we did last year with charging extra for non-NMRA members that the extra fee went towards an introductory membership in the NMRA.

However, I do not see the death of these two hobbies anytime soon. I would hope that other NMRA outlets follow this practice.

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