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“People with physical and mental disabilities continue to be vastly underrepresented in the American workplace,” said a 2003 Work Trends study conducted by Rutgers University’s John J. The second most common reason given for not hiring persons with disabilities was the fear of costly adaptations.

Few employers are willing to hire workers with disabilities.

The Quarterly Household National Survey 2004 revealed that just over 37% of all persons of ages 15-64 with a disability health problem were employed, compared to 63.8% for the total population in the same age category.

Perception, fear, myth and prejudice continue to limit understanding and acceptance of disability in workplaces everywhere.This sheet provides anecdotal examples of the reasons given for not employing persons with disabilities, and the benefits to companies that have. Many are still hesitant to take on employees with disabilities because they believe they may create problems in the workplace.There is also the assumption that this type of appointment will incur cost as the workplace is changed to become disability-friendly.” — Gillian Marescia, an associate in the disability division for Drake Recruitment. One-third of the employers surveyed said that persons with disabilities cannot effectively perform the required job tasks.At every level of qualification, persons with disabilities are up to three times more likely than other citizens to be without a job yet wishing to work.Companies do not have to make expensive changes to their workplace to accommodate persons with disabilities.

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