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Beautiful Amelia dream about a tender and sensual love with the engineer, Rolando.

Because her husband Carlo, the owner of a small hotel, very rough with her. See full summary » Courtney a young reporter is assigned to report on the story of Nora, a young woman who lost her husband in a bizarre voodoo ritual.

Born: Pecangakan, Ambarawa, 1886 Died: New York, March 8, 1943 Buried: Watu Ceper, Ambarawa Education: STOVIA (medical school) in Jakarta Work Experience: Government doctors in Demak Solo practice physician in Other Achievements: – Successfully eradicate the plague (1910) – Develop “Kartini Club” Political Activities: – Writing in the daily De Express – Established the Indische Partij (1912) – Forming a Committee of Bumiputera – Volksraad Struggle Experience: – Banished to the Netherlands (1913) – Prisoners at the city of Bandung – Banished to Banda Neira (1927) – Disposed to Ujungpandang – From Ujungpandang moved to Sukabumi, West Java – From Sukabumi moved to Jakarta Signs Award: – Star Order of Orange Nassau van from the Dutch government (the return) Respect signs: – Nominated as a National Hero – His name is immortalized as the name of the General Hospital Center for Jakarta Cipto Mangunkusumo doctor is a professional doctor who is better known as the hero of national independence.

See full summary » Barbara finds her fiancée Sergio in bed with a young hitch-hiker and discovers that he has been unfaithful with other women too.

She takes her revenge by shying away from Sergio for a day, ... To the elderly aristocrat Gerard Villeneuve, all that is left of Leonora, the love of his life, are a number of erotic tape recordings. See full summary » Christina is a wealthy heiress living a life of luxury and lovers.

In 1927, he was banished from Jakarta to Banda Neira.

Cipto crouch / wasted as a prisoner for thirteen years.

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