American samoan dating

European exploration first reached the islands in the early 18th century.

Louis-Antoine de Bougainville named them Navigator Islands in 1768. Godeffroy & Sohn expanded its trading business into the archipelago.

Their positive life approach brings lot of useful attitude.

They are not affraid to work and just to give better feedback the lead for example National University of Samoa.

The very earliest history of Samoa concerns a political center in the easternmost Samoan islands of Manu'a, under the rule of the Tui Manu'a.

In the Cook Islands to the east, the tradition is that Karika, or Tui Manu'a 'Ali'a, came to the Cook Islands from Manu'a; suggesting that it was from Manu'a and Samoa that the rest of Polynesia developed.

Because this culture is friendly, they don't fight with theirs opposite and doing the best for effective collaboration. Samoan women are more protector than females which loves to risk. For example women from New Zealand or another Pacific areas. You can stilll search between many other thousands women from another countries.

As its known, most of people from this area are friendly and positive. Or maby you have similar experience with this healthy approad with another common state from neighberhood. Most of them cook healthy and tasty, but also they are not that good in agressive method of dealing (in job same like at home). For example Puerto Rico, Cambodia, Colombia or temperament Brazil.

American Samoa remains an unincorporated territory of the United States.The Samoan Islands were first settled some 3,500 years ago as part of the Austronesian expansion.Samoa's early and more current history is strongly connected with the histories of Tonga and Fiji, which are in the same region, and with whom it shares historical, genealogical, and cultural traditions.This area of Polynesia, Samoa and Tonga, contains evidence from dates of similar times, suggesting the area was settled during the same period.Samoan oral history, however, extends only as far back as AD 1000 Whatever occurred between 750 BC and AD 1000 remains a mystery, though this may have been the period of great migrations that led to the settlement of present-day Polynesia.

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