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As of today, more than 900.000.000 pages programmed with Classic ASP are indexed, not to mention all those used in intranets and extranets.

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A simple Google search targeting filetype pages will show you how much this language is still very widely used in many industries.If you need help to extend your existing code base, please contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss it in detail. NET has a more advanced logic and structure, and supports more recent programming paradigms, including some encouraging the separation of MVC layers.However, the training cost of your teams, the deployment complexity and the compilation time of an ASP.Because of this, it is absolutely crucial for Microsoft that this infrastructure remains supported.It will never be possible for Microsoft to escape from supporting Classic ASP, just like Cobol (which dates from 1959), still widely used by thousands of programs that work perfectly and that would be much too expensive in resources to evolve, for a zero gain.

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