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The Sheriff who empanelled them was sentenced to pay a fine of £1,000 ; even the Lawyers who pleaded for the actual pro- prietors were stripped, of their gowns ; the Sheriff Darcy died in prison ; and the work of spoliation proceeded." The Irish genealogies which are collected in our Irish Pedigrees and in this Volume are carried down to the lineal representative of each family living when such family was deprived of its patrimony, to make room for the new settlers, according as each English or Scotch migration* landed in Ireland ; but most of the Anglo-Irish and Anglo-Norman genealogies recorded in our "Works are brought down to the Common- wealth period. 127, are the only ones now extant which give the names of the Transplanters from any of the * Delinquent Protestants : By this designation were known the loyal Protestants who sided, or were suspected of sympathy, with their King, the unfortunate Charles I. 123 here mentioned includes the names of Transplanters from the City of Limerick ; and the baronies of Kilmallock, Kenry, Connello, Coshma, Owneybeg, Coshlea, Coouagh, Smallcounty, Pubblebrien, and Clanwilliam, in Limerick County. in Ireland, who obtained Transplanters' Certificates, were transplanted. We shall hope that others in whatever clime their lot is cast, and who are blest with means, will also kindly assist us to meet the heavy pecuniary liabilities which we have incurred by the publication expenses of this Volume.

Members of many of the present Irish families will see in one or other of the Lists given in this Volume the names of their ancestors who first obtained grants of Land, and settled in Ireland during the Elizabethan, Straffordian, Cromwellian, or Williamite Confiscations : And Oh ! f Commonwealth : The Books of the Commonwealth which are forthcoming, consist of fifty-six volumes, and are all in Manuscript. 247 of this AVork, the Preface to the Commonwealth Volume "Forfeiting Proprietors, Listed." i PEEFACE. If, however, any Volume of Transplanters' Certificates of the Commonwealth period has been lost, the names of the Transplanters therein recorded are, no doubt, included in the '' Inrolments of the Certificates of the Commis- sioners appointed for hearing and determining the Claims of Transplanted Persons, in the Province of Connaught and county of Clare : Preserved * Precincts : The names of those Precincts were : 1. In the fervent hope that the knowledge of the relation which the lineal descent of the present Royal Family bears to the ancient Eoyal Stem of Ireland, would conduce to a kindly and sympathetic feeling on behalf of her Gracious Majesty towards our suffering country, we, with profound respect, humbly forwarded to Queen Victoria a copy of the Third Edition* of our Irish Pedigrees ; in pp.

In our great veneration for the Visible Head of the Church to which we belong, we respectfully forwarded a copy of that Edition also to Pope Leo XIII, , for his gracious acceptance ; earnestly requesting the consideration by His Holiness of the views which we humbly propound in those " Notes." It was our privilege to receive from the Holy Father, per the Eight Rev. As this Work unveils the ancestors of many of the present Irish, Anglo-Irish, and Anglo-Norman families of various shades of religious and political opinions, we have endeavoured in its pages to subserve no sect or party.

Some of the " new comers " settled in Ireland during the Elizabethan Wars*; many of them in the time of Sir William Petty ;f others of them ' * n Vt/'-f ; For a description of the state of Ireland in the reign of Queen Elizabetli, see Sir Charles Gavan Dufty's " Bird's Eye View of Ireland "; and, for a description of Ireland in the Commonwealth period, see our "Dedication," commencing at p. t Petty : It may interest our readers to know that Sir William Petty was the first to introduce into Ireland what is known as Quit Rent : that is, one penny per acre (or 10s. From the Book of Survey and Distribution for " Leitrim, Sligo and Tyrawley " (marked I. Irishmen were the first to grasp their swords, and the last to sheathe them ; until her foes had been vanquished, and the smiles of peace had returned to brighten and beautify her once more through the length and breadth of her vast and God-favoured Empire. In that Paper we give a List of the Officers in the Irish- American Brigades during the American War of 1861-1865, between the * Entirety : If God spares us, we mean to give in a future Work the names of all the Landed Gentry in Ireland, in 1641 ; and the names of the persons who succeeded to those Estates or to portions of them.

per quarter or 120 acres) of land held by each of the then Irish Pro- prietors, to be paid to Queen Elizabeth " for ever," in consideration for which each Proprietor was made to believe that he would be confirmed in his possessions, and protected by the Government against all breakers of the law. It is therefore that we in Ireland should feel proud of their exploits ; and it is therefore that we ourself feel pleasure in herein recording the names mentioned in Paper No. f America : For the "Early Irish Settlers in America," see the Celtic Maejazine (New York : Halligan and Cassidy,) for April and May, 1883 ; which m ill well repay perusal. Northern and Southeru States, on the Slave-Emancipation question ; when, unhappily, the Federal Army" of the North was pitted against the Confederate Army of the South, That Federal Army was, it will be remembered, chiefly composed of Meagher's Irish Brigade and of Corcoran's Irish Legion (two distinct Brigades), besides several Regiments and many Companies in the "Union" Volunteers, coming from certain States of the Union, all of whom served in the Federal Army ; but in the Con- federate Army in that War were many distinguished Officers,!

Persons Transplanted in Ireland in 1G53 and 1G54 ...

Inrolments of the Connaught Certificates to the Pei'sons Transplanted ...

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