Bt broadband usage monitor not updating Direct sexchat

If you have several broadband accounts it's important to check that the right account is selected in My BT.

You can select different accounts using the drop-down list on the homepage.

You can also see the split between download and upload usage.

We looked into the costs of producing a Mac OSX version and while there was some interest the cost and time involved meant it was not viable when combined with all the other work we do.

Enter the Trigger amount (25GB in this example) and choose a sound file that you would like played when you reach the limit, When you start the stopwatch tbb Meter will record how much data you download and upload and report this back to you when you stop the stopwatch with the speeds recorded doing this.

The ping tool allows you to monitor the latency between your computer and other hosts on the Internet.

If you leave it running accidentally it will automatically stop after 2 Meter is only available for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, 8 and 10.

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