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It’s silence away from the noise of other humans, online courses, podcasts – a chance to let me brain rest for a while and just stop working” “Meditation relieves the CRAZY amount of stress I find myself under and once I’ve released some of that stress it re-energises me – often it’ll help me get to sleep if I can’t drift off and all I can see is code behind my eyelids” “Breathing meditation helps be come back into the present.I’m doing exams for my programming courses in university right now and meditation brings me almost immediate calm when I need it most” “Sometimes my mind makes the challenges of writing code bigger and scarier than they actually are.Our mind, however, often feels it would like to be anywhere BUT the present moment.We’re constantly wishing we were somewhere else or someone else.For example, the nagging feeling of being an impostor – that somehow, the current version of ourselves is somehow not good enough, that we’ll be found out as not having the right skills, that our knowledge is incomplete.In either case, we wish for a future version of ourselves that will be better, rather than focussing on how amazing we actually are right now.Scenario 1 You just can’t figure out what’s causing this bug.

I feel more emotionally balanced, and I’m able to focus on the code instead – which is what I’m really here to do” Meditation as focus training Anybody who has ever written any code knows it requires focus.

“I study coding and work as a programmer on my startup.

Meditation helps me when I’m feeling overwhelmed and overloaded with information.

There will just be another one to learn, it’s impossible to learn. There’s a steel rod where your shoulders should be, and when you try to sleep, the buzzing of your mind keeps you awake.

Tomorrow doesn’t sound like much fun right now, although it might be better if you could just get some sleep…

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