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These infections can occur due to casual contact with the animal, or semen, saliva, vaginal fluids, blood, feces, urine, etc.

The risk factor is very high, and some infections are incurable.

This is a common phenomenon, we can see when male and female dog engages sexually, and they stay in “Tie” situation for an extended period and unable to disconnect.

The same situation shall happen when a male dog has intercourse with a woman.

Many supporters believe that animals can understand what is going around them, and some animals actively and vigorously take part in the fixation.

It is against the Civil law, and if caught by the authorities, the person involved in the action will have to face prosecution for animal abuse. Okay, let us keep away the legal part and let us discuss the physical and biological side of bestiality.In the United States, 37 states have, proclaimed bestiality as a crime.As per records until 2005, in the US there were animal brothel farms, where people allowed to have paid sex with animals, including sex with female dogs.It will not be that easy to sleep with a female dog.A male dog after having sex will reach to a “stuck” stage, where is unable to pull out his penis because the penis will swell inside the uterus and shall lock within the vagina.

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