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In 293 to 305, Constantius served as Caesar with Maximian as Augustus in the Tetrarchy.

Constantius was married in 289 to Theodora, daughter of Maximian; either Helena and Constantius had divorced by that point, he had renounced the marriage, or they were never married.

The historian Procopius reports that Constantine named a city in Bithynia, Asia Minor, Helenopolis, to honor her birthplace, which implies but not with certainty that she was born there. Britain has been claimed as her birthplace, but that claim is unlikely, based on a medieval legend retold by Geoffrey of Monmouth.

The claim that she was Jewish is also unlikely to be true.

Although the earliest stories of this journey omit any mention of Helena's role in the discovery of the True Cross (on which Jesus was crucified, and which became a popular relic), later in the century she began to be credited by Christian writers with that find.

In Jerusalem, she is credited with having a temple to Venus (or Jupiter) torn down and replaced with the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where the cross was supposed to have been discovered.

A spokesman for the couple says that's totally false.

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That succession seems to have been decided during Maximian's lifetime.

But that bypassed the younger sons of Constantius by Theodora, which would later be grounds for contention about the imperial succession. By some accounts, including Eusebius of Caesarea, a major source for information about Constantine, in about 312 Constantine convinced his mother, Helena, to become a Christian.

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