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It doesn't matter what your country status, whether you're a farmer, a landowner, employed in transport, labour or community projects, if you're a lover of the country and want to find other UK singles who understand the joy and beauty of the great outdoors, then Country Lover Dating is the right place to find them.

It's not always easy when living in the country to find the time or the right people to date.

Not to mention, you can sort your searches by lifestyle, interest, and other important factors — and unlimited browsing is free!

But here they come again to jack my style.” “Why you gotta be so rude, don’t you know I”m human too?

There are many different kinds of country music, so whether you're looking for a lively partner, a loving partner or a partner with a mellow side, at Country Music Lover dating, we've got single country music lovers with all kinds of tastes and personalities.

One thing they do have in common however is their love of all things country music! It doesnt matter if you're an aspiring artist or simply have a passion for country music, whatever your dedication to country music, at Country Music Lover dating there's someone for everyone.

But they’re still together of course, just temporarily in different places. I was talking to mom yesterday and we were just saying how much we missed you.

The lyrics at this point in the song say it like dad would have; There aren’t enough words in the English language that can explain just how much my dad and my mom love…yes they love like crazy.

Our new i Phone app also makes it easier than ever to take Chris Country with you.

After all, it’s real musicians playing real instruments, singing about the real world. There are lots of ways to listen to us - we're on DAB in many areas including London, Manchester and Liverpool, plus we've got phone apps and we're available on Sonos, Alexa and most other devices.

Just click on the listen live page to find the easiest way to listen to us.

Ghost town and haunted love.” “Told myself that you were right for me. But that was love and it’s an ache I still remember.” “So let me thank you for your time. And if I didn’t hurt so much you know I’d give you it all.” “I wish I could make it easy. Some girls, some girls are only about that thing, that thing, that thing.” “Keep bleeding.

So please try to understand that if I could I’d call and I would be there. Some guys, some guys are only about that thing, that thing, that thing.” “Guys you know you better watch out.

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