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17: In the segment on CBS, you say that dating violence isn't just physical or sexual - what other forms does it come in?KC: Well obviously there's the emotional component that's present in the physical and sexual dating violence, but it can be purely emotional or emotionally traumatizing for someone, whether it's a bullying behavior or a perpetual harassment.In addition, she telecast her own mammogram for her breast cancer awareness.Apart from this, she was also connected with Chris Botti from 1977 to 1979, Tom Werner for a year.She became the host of the ABC talk show Katie in 2012.Similarly, Couric has served as global news anchor for Yahoo since early 2014.Katie Couric: First of all, for your friends, look for somebody who becomes increasingly isolated and kind of steps back from her friendships, who only wants to spend time with her boyfriend, but in a way that seems secretive and unhealthy, somebody who is absolutely obsessed.This is something that is probably hard to determine because it seems most teenagers are pretty tied to their technology already, but someone who seems jumpy and jittery and particularly obsessed with email or text messages, someone who complains about the constancy of emails coming their way.

Katie Couric recently did a segment on CBS about the issue, to let parents know what's going on with their kids, and to let you know how to identify and prevent dating violence.

She moved on to report for NBC, ultimately enhancing coanchor of Today and one of the top personalities in the TV news business.

Young people will decide this election…before the election.

One thing the experts have told me is that gut checks are so essential.

So get your friends to talk and sense from them their level of discomfort about the relationship.

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