Cousin dating my ex

If this is the case, do not humiliate him publicly.

You may risk him harboring resentment towards you which could cause the issue to worsen.

you handle it will depend on your cousin and his personality.

Instead of asking him directly about it, you may need to discuss it privately with your family members and let them know that you don't want them to get the wrong idea, and that he may be holding onto some feelings.

I recently came to realize that my cousin has been telling my family that this girl that I've been introducing to them is his "ex-girlfriend", although that's 100% not true.

Up until I heard this, I had not cared what my family thought of the situation or what he told them, but since he is making their date out to be much more than it really was, it has caused my girlfriend and I some frustration.

it is okay to date anyone who is not a "blood relative".

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You need to go to your family reunions so you know who your family is.

Ultimately, we don't care since we are confident in our relationship and ourselves, but we don't want people to have the wrong idea/information.

How can I handle this type of situation but also avert any confrontation and conflict?

If you hope to solve this dilemma in the most copacetic way possible, then it will require some work on your part. Don't listen to hearsay or make assumptions based on what you hear from family members.

Ask your cousin how he has been describing or mentioning your new girlfriend to your family members.

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