Damian and lindsay glee project dating dating newly separated men

Erik shows up so that the group can shoot their music video, and Alex and Samuel are up first.

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This is accompanied by a rather scary snipping motion. At the end of their shoot, Lindsay and Damian kiss - causing much jealousy from Hannah.

Sure enough, when Cameron and Hannah go to film their 'flirty food fight', Erik asks Cameron to kiss his partner. Robert tells the group that they were all great, so really it was a matter of picking their top three.

Hannah's the first to be told that she is safe, followed by Samuel.

Then it's time for vocals with Nikki, who I want to sing in front of. Cameron does well in vocals but admits to Nikki that he's struggling with the sexuality thing ().

Samuel and Damian both do well, but Alex makes Nikki pinch her nose like she has a headache. Nikki suggests in confessional that he just has to put his beliefs aside for the sake of the character.

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