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Therefore, when my date took it upon himself to remove the condom without my consent, and without my knowledge, I was confident enough to know that it was wrong.

I interrupted the moment and confronted him, and that’s where it gets really scary.

I recently returned to my hometown of Melbourne after three years of living in New York City.

He looked despaired, and then said, "I’ll go get one from my roommate.” He came back with the goods, dimmed the lights, and I felt comfortable enough in that moment to continue.“Date From Hell” is a new monthly series featuring dating and relationship horror stories and the frustrations—and triumphs—of being a single Mormon feminist.Content Warning: This post contains descriptions of physical and emotional abuse.This guy could not comprehend the error in his ways: in fact, he continued to self gratify until completion, leaving me to wonder how this could’ve happened again.After the shock dissipated, I felt violated, I was stuck thinking about the impending doctor’s visit, and the fear that I’d contracted something life altering from this absolute twat.

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    One word comes to mind when I think about Jennifer Capriati playing in the 1990 French Open semifinal at 14 years old: phenom. They were with her when she became the youngest player ever to finish a season in the top 10.