Dating more successful women dating a goody to shoes

When a girl gets asked out, she’s looking for a guy who is genuinely interested in her, and is also invested in getting to know her.

[Read: 15 things you need to know when planning your first date] Date ideas that she won’t be eager to go on Some of these date ideas leave her interests out of the equation, while others don’t give the impression that she’s special.

At least for the first few dates, leave her out of the bro bonding, as she is bound to feel uncomfortable being the only female amongst your closest friends.

Plus, you really want to make a good impression, and having one of your pals dish something embarrassing you did one time might leave a bad taste in her mouth.

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While some women are genuinely into sports and love watching sporting events, they wouldn’t typically envision this as an ideal date idea. Whether you dished out a pile of green for prime seats at a live game or invited her to a sports bar, both equally scream selfish.

While a girl will usually feel special and exclusive when she gets to meet the “boys,” that only applies once you’ve been dating her for a while.

Tell her how important your friends are to you early on, but don’t treat her like one of the guys by turning your date into a boys’ night plus one.

She will also assume that you are “not that into her,” and lose interest.

So you can probably consider that your last first impression!

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