Dating officer police site

I 100% respect the honest police who put their lives on the line but I don’t know if I could deal with the worry that comes with such a dangerous job. I did have to sit with him in a class right before his graduation about the high divorce rates, the hours/shifts, how they may bring work home with them or completely shut down.Especially when most people hate them these days... I think he made it 8-9 years before he switched professions.It isn’t always possible to separate people from their career choices.

The hours suck, but so do the hours of other professions.

David Guzman accuses of "scraping" his photo from Facebook and using it in a social media campaign.

His photo, which was a selfie he took while wearing his uniform, was used in a series of ads on Instagram and Facebook for the dating site that caters to men and women in uniform.

I would never date someone who works for ICE; in the fur industry or animal testing; a defense lawyer who took on clients accused of crimes against the children, elderly or other vulnerable populations, salespeople (not to be confused with those who work retail).

Certain jobs require a level of dishonestly, deception and a completely different set of values than mine.

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