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Also, dating someone is vastly different than marriage.Americans marrying Americans have usually been brought up similarly and can relate to many of the same things.Many times these people have only spent a week or so in Peru on vacation and have never lived outside their own country.They don't speak Spanish and their plan is to teach English.

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However, Americans marrying Peruvians often have many difficulties that they encounter. Don't forget to read up on Peruvian culture, it will help you understand more about Peru and its people, including your in-laws.Sometimes the foreigner wants to live in Peru and sometimes they ask me about visa info to go back home.More often than not when the foreigner wants to live in Peru, it's "forever".I can't help but smile and shake when I see that a foreigner wants to live in Peru forever.It's got nothing to do with Peru itself, but living in a foreign country forever is the hard part to understand.

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