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To facilitate this participation, you are required to prepare regular seminar questions that you introduce to the class discussion. A worksheet for developing seminar questions is attached to the end of the syllabus. Seminar Questions must be typed, and are to be handed in at the end of the class discussion of the specific article for which the seminar question was written.You must submit 15 seminar questions during the semester for which points will be given. You may, however, follow up previous class discussion by synthesizing an issue with the current reading you are commenting on.• EXTRA CREDIT: Extra credit opportunities may arise over the course of the semester.More than two unexcused absences will result in a drop in letter grade for the course.A semester grade of F or I are the only grades possible if you have more than eight absences, for any reason.Most studies examining bystanders' reactions to a violent attack have used an experimental or hypothetical situation involving a single victim.

Absenteeism will be factored into your final grade. Classroom Materials Online Course materials, including the syllabus, power point slides, assignments, and exam review materials will be posted on the following website: Course Requirements• WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS: Three major written assignments will be required for the semester, in addition to graded in-class written assignments.Expectations for such assignments will be given in class and will be available on the course website.Attendance Policies and Requirements• Attendance will be taken at each class.

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