Disability dating websites

On the other hand, if you are autistic or have a learning difficulty, physical barriers might be less impactful on dating.But there may be other requirements it’s worth mentioning, such as the need to meet for the first time somewhere less busy, or nearer your home.Avoid clichés such as ‘Looking for soulmate’ or ‘Can you make me love again’, which can make you sound desperate and sad.Try to be concise and keep your description to a maximum of 250 words. Don’t ramble on about stuff that you can use for conversation on your date or on the phone or in emails before the date. Imagine you are the person reading the profile description and be honest with yourself as to where your own attention span would cut off.Talk about your specific disability requirements Disability dating websites often have drop-down menus that allow you to list your disability.But I would suggest also mentioning it in your profile, in particular talking about your specific mobility restrictions.Stand out from the crowd with a username like ‘Wheelchair Wombat’ or ‘Fearless Tea Drinker.’ It’ll get you noticed and give people a glimpse into what kind of person you are. If you are not sure then ask a group of your closest friends and family. Try to come up with at least five adjectives and points that best describe you.

Presenting yourself in the right way and conveying who you are amongst all the noise of the singles market can be a tricky task.

We’ve asked David Miller from disability dating site Disability uk to explain how to write the ultimate online dating profile.

Writing a dating profile is a task that many singletons face when they venture into the world of online dating.

Whatever you do, it’s worth browsing the site first to see what interesting usernames appeal to you and select something similar. Put your qualities into a concrete everyday context.

Bring out your best qualities Be really honest and open about your qualities. Don’t just say you are loyal and supportive, say that you will take a real interest in a partner’s life and make them cups of coffee whilst they are busy studying, or massage their neck after a difficult day at the office.

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