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If you realize that he is telling you good thing about a female person somehow in his family either his sister or mother indirectly telling you; he would love you to be such kind of person for him in his life.

Do you want to make your partner crazy and you don’t know how?

he’ll let you know how he feels in front of you and as well when you are not around.

That will be the moment where you will let him peacely go to the place of discovery and then all doubts and enquiries will reach to an end because you’ll certain that he loves you for real.

They use it to you only when they are ready to say it and when the perfect time comes to say it.

But there is something called hint; it’s a kind of signs that can help you have a little view on something that will be revealed clearly to you later, so that you have a very clear awareness of what’s going on A man might not use the word LOVE to you but while you are with him if you see he touches some words of these lists I am going to mention now, you can consider yourself as one of the luckiest girls to have your personal and your own man.

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