Enabling development teams updating demo files

After many months building things privately, we are ready to open up a number of codebases and community forums.

This is right on schedule as predicted in our Project Roadmap and last update. In our last big update, we published a high-level roadmap, with upcoming optimistic milestones.

The research work on Po Reps led to novel academic results on Tight Proofs of Space and Replication. EC is a protocol inspired by leader-election based proof-of-stake protocols.

These commitments guarantee that the technology PL is building for Filecoin will be usable by the largest possible number of people and projects.

We’re hopeful that sharing our approach will help our colleagues at other companies and organizations to join us and follow this path forward.

They are crucial to the successful operation of the protocol.

In the future, we will release more demos of features, go-filecoin installation, and how to use the newly opened devnets and related development tools, such as the network statistics dashboard.

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