Error updating content description record

Prefer running the batchjob directly on Object B (step 5 of steps to reproduce), reading related data from Object A (using relationship tokens) and creating related records on Object C.

Triggers are set to fire when records are created/updated.

In your case, you just want to provide values for Name and Description so you can do something like: . Command Text = "UPDATE Project Tasks SET [email protected], [email protected] " "WHERE Task [email protected] ID; " "SELECT TOP 1 Task ID FROM Project Tasks ORDER BY Task ID DESC;"; cmd. Web Api.update Record("account", "5531d753-95af-e711-a94e-000d3a11e605", data).then( function success(result) , function (error) ); annotation, and instead have to pass a lookup object (logicalname and id) pointing to the target record.Here are code examples for both the scenarios: For online scenario (connected to server) The following example updates an account record to associate another contact record as the primary contact for the account: // define the data to update a record var data = // update the record Xrm. I am currently making an project monitoring module. At this moment I am in the process of editing the project form and adding resources to the selected task in a project. Everytime I save the record it says In my Project Tasks Table I have Ref No(PK), Task ID(FK), Name and Description Name - refers to the Task Name Description - refers to the Task Description What I want to happen is that my Resource Tables Task ID(FK) will be updated when I clicked the save button.

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