Estj dating

ESTJ's are extremely reliable, which is great, because ENTP's tend to be less stable. They also have a terrible habit of half smirking 24/7 which is hard to interpret until you've been with them long enough.

My best friend, ex boyfriend, and current boyfriend are ENTP's, and my ex girlfriend is an ENTJ. Anyways, as far as good things go: ENTP's get really deeply excited about things, which is good, because ESTJ's often feel silly expressing that sort of thing so it gives us permission to let loose.

This is unfortunate, since SJs are the ones that have the patience and discipline to follow through with the day to day realities of life and help keep and restore order when our crazy ideas don't quite materialize in the way we anticipated. I actually did notice that because when I searched the internet for SJ and SP information, it seemed a little too sparse, but in an odd way. I've recently started dating an ESTJ and there has definitely been a lot of ups and downs.

Then I realized most of them probably are just doing their thing and not thinking about the Myers Brigg tests like the NTs and the NFs. Even though I'm ENTP, there are a lot of times when I am pretty emotional or more sensitive, but I think it's a result of over thinking the simple nuances of everyday actions.

When we fight, we resolve it very quickly because we're very good at being explicitly honest with each other in the best way possible. He's pretty much a big swingin' penis all the time but he's also willing to take criticism which is always a good thing.

It seems the best way we get along is through building off of the others views on people/society.

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