Estj dating infp

I have days when I wonder why I’m not involved with someone romantically. If I don’t get that vibe, I remain wrapped up in my own thoughts and want to get the hell out of there.

Then I have other days when I would much rather be by myself and not fret over not being in a relationship. I, like most humans, have been hurt badly in a romantic relationship.

Like most INFPs I know, my relationships are based on forming deep connections. I know this about myself: I have to find an authentic connection with my date, otherwise, I’m done. Instead of blabbing on and on about myself, I would much rather listen and observe my date so I can get a sense of who he is and feel comfortable with him.

And because deep connections take time to develop, I’ve only had a few serious romantic relationships. And more often than not, I don’t feel a connection with him and have a really hard time faking it for the rest of the date. And I usually date extroverts, so this works out fine — they’re always willing to chatter away!

People tell me I’m attractive, smart, funny, interesting, etc. That backfires more often than I’d like, so if I get a sense that the guy can handle my weird, quirky sense of humor or my truthful, passionate feelings about everything from poetry to professional basketball, then I’ll dip a toe in and float out a “weird” story.

I am very realistic at times, but as an INFP, I dream most hours of the day and have very optimistic thoughts.

If I meet someone with whom I connect deeply, I don’t want to give that up, so I’m much more willing to overlook faults or things that might make others question dating him. I don’t know if I ever will find unconditional romantic love.

This creates a subtle but persistent uncertainty in the back of their minds.

The INFPs' avoidance of conflict may make them incompatible some with types.

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