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Zoosk has found that people who use filters receive fewer replies to their messages.Murray says that people who turn their filters off tend to have longer conversations with their matches."Maybe what this is saying is that the perfect person doesn't live next door," Murray says.People sometimes treat dating as if they are looking for the perfect dress or handbag, Wang says."Relationshopping is problematic because people give up so quickly now," Wang says, "and for the most bizarre reasons." He says that people may choose to not go on a second date with someone simply because they don't like their hair."It makes you feel like people are a commodity," he says. Technology may offer opportunities to efficiently curate a dating pool, but what about the magic of connecting with someone?"I think technology has created a better, more democratic social environment for especially marginalized groups," says Skyler Wang, a Ph. candidate in sociology at the University of California Berkeley.Clearly, Americans' attitudes have changed about online dating.

Some people use spreadsheets to help keep track of what they did and didn't like about dates.Wang, who identifies as gay, says before he and his friends go out to a bar, his friends go on dating apps Tinder and Grindr to meet people at the bars where they're headed."Now, the 'gayborhood' is in your cell phone," he says.Murray says that when it comes to online dating, the two-day rule — waiting a period of time, generally 48 hours days, to respond to messages — does not generally apply.Men who waited two days to reply to their Zoosk matches got responses 45 percent of the time, while men who replied same day and got responses 63 percent of the time.

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