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First impressions last and in the case of dating it can actually be the deciding factor.

We want the people that we date to remember us and to enjoy our company.

Rather than looking for people who are our exact opposites it is better to date one who has the same attitude.

He or she should have the same likes, dislikes, favorite foods or even favorite sports teams.

Again, we only need to approach them and have a clear conversation.

We can then proceed to exchanging numbers and such.

Dating is not just a random act it is about picking the right clothes at right time and place while being with the right person.

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A better way of cancelling a date is to saying no and then thanking the person for the offer.

In order to improve our dating life we first need to assess our current condition.

We need to ask ourselves as to why we are dating and what are we looking for in the opposite sex.

Aside from backgrounds, dating has been one of the most trivial aspects in human relationships.

We often think about the ways on how not to be rude, to make the other person feel good or to not be too talkative or shy.

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