Git svn error validating server certificate

Certificate information: – Hostname: host.– Valid: from Jan 30 2004 GMT until Jan 30 2006 GMT – Issuer: CA,, Sometown, California, US – Fingerprint: 7d:e1:a:39:ba:6a:e9:a5:c:7b:76:5c:92:a0:9c:7b (R)eject, accept (t)emporarily or accept (p)ermanently?

This dialogue should look familiar; it’s essentially the same question you’ve probably seen coming from your web browser (which is just another HTTP client like Subversion! If you choose the (p)ermanent option, the server certificate will be cached in your private run-time auth/ area in just the same way your username and password are cached (see the section called “Client Credentials Caching”.) If cached, Subversion will automatically remember to trust this certificate in future negotiations.

My issue was solved now by cleaning the directory “~/.subversion/auth/server”.

on February 16, 2010 (imported from Google Code)* --- What steps will reproduce the problem? Choose Git clone and tick the box " From Svn Repository" and use a https URL of the to be cloned sevn repo with an self-signed cert 2. Clone will fail giving the error message of Toritose PLink: Error validating server certificate for '': - The certificate is not issued by a trusted authority.

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The problem now is that even if I entered the “p” option the next time I access SVN the same exception occurs again.

I have faced the annoying problem that for unknown reasons I got a security exception when accessing the subversion repository for one of my Google Code projects.

This used to work before, but maybe the server has been changed.

scmuser created the topic: Error validating server certificate for I am getting error during checkout source code from Svn.

Error validating server certificate for https://XYZ:443: – Unknown certificate issuer Fingerprint: 81:bb:5d:da:c5:7d:fa:f3:f4:9f::c:e3:b:d:bc Distinguished name: Digi Cert Inc, US sgadmin replied the topic: Re: Error validating server certificate for It seems your cache Security certification for SVN server has been expired to removed.

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