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Today finding love is no longer determined by what’s going on in our lives, or by our networks.Serendipity and instinct aren’t as heavily relied on with the rise of online dating.And It’s vital that apps take this seriously and invest in ways to make their platforms as secure as possible.Companies will have to rely only on AI to resolve this issue.This is a much different matrimonial approach from the ones Indians have known for centuries.Matchmakers or families find prospective spouses within their circle and then vet the duo’s horoscopes by astrologers to ensure that the stars are aligned for the match.“is not for dating, but a serious partner search product that does not go by the usual parameters of height, weight, complexion, caste, religion, and hobbies to arrive at a match.Researchers have developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based system to restrict fake profiles, designed to con people on dating apps and websites.

If the diagnostic is compatible, you meet and take the relationship forward. On the other hand, VR or Virtual reality dating focuses more on the experience of meeting people in real life.

The Tinder voice might pop up and say, ‘There’s someone down the street that we think you’re going to be attracted to, and she’s also attracted to you, and guess what, she’s free tomorrow night!

And we know you both like this indie band, and it’s playing, so would you like us to buy your tickets?

By 2020, DNA dating and VR dating will remove the last vestiges of unpredictability from love.

In DNA dating, People will use their DNA, big data and artificial intelligence to create their Perfect Dates with max compatibility.

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