Jay naylors original life updating online dating for kids 10 13

Is he locking his webcomic behind Patreon now, or is this just yet another useless gallery made with duplicate pics from his other Patreon galleries uploaded here?? And yet, for years to come, an old companion bot would roam the forest, free from tha shackles of his programming, but left without a purpose.

XDI swear to god, this whole Original Life story feels like Jay is armchairing the whole story.

Lumpkinville - A straight-up cartoon universe set in the generic rural South, complete with humans, furries, witches, magic, spells, and anything and everything I feel like at the moment.

Steering Committee - Access to everything, adult comic pages, as well as the ability to vote on which projects get completed next when I make entries asking for feedback.

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I have three "universes" I work in: Original Life - Is a world just like our own, with the humans simply replaced by anthropomorphic animals.Travelers would tell tales of an old sexbot they have met in the forest, telling them of the wonders of The Old World, and sometimes asking for a quickie.But now, even his battery have run dry, ending the tale of Martin, The Fuck Bunny.Cottonwine - A fantasy world of furries, humans, elves, and other derivatives, with embellished sexual hedonism that continually threatens higher civilizations.There's no magic, no gods, but there's enough superstition for people to believe in them.

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