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I should also say I guess someone who is witty/smart funny could be intimidating, but someone who makes just fart jokes? Guy IV: My girlfriend is funnier than me, and it's the best thing in the world.

I wouldn't date a girl who wasn't funny--but yeah, it can be a little bit intimidating.

I held up a mirror to his view of sexual predation as “fun” and funny. Since then, I’ve come to discover that not all rape jokes are inherently harmful – when cleverly designed, they could even offer helpful social commentary.

I gave him straight feedback and shared my point of view and vision firmly yet compassionately. But rape jokes are frequently sexist at their core, which appear to exacerbate sexist beliefs and actions in those who hear them.

It might have even sparked a generative conversation.

And the others at the table could have witnessed another possible response to such a joke that is neither combative, condoning nor acquiescing.Though I wasn’t attracted to him sexually or romantically, he seemed harmless and possibly fun to hang out with, so I agreed to meet him for drinks one evening in his nearby city.At some point during the evening out, he must have slipped me something because I fell unconscious and momentarily woke up to him raping me.By: Amy Logan Founder & CEO, Gender Innovation Though I doubt it was the first rape joke I heard, the first I remember was told by a stand-up comedian at a comedy show in 1988.He said the reason guys have female friends is because they’re just waiting until she gets drunk someday to get in her pants. I felt queasy but, at 21, didn’t recognize what that signal meant. After the show, “Dave” the comedian came over to talk to me.

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