Marg helgenberger dating

Her mother, Kay, is an Irish American and her father, Hugh, was a German American.Meet husband Alan in 1984 and they started dating in 1986By using our website you Agree to and Acknowledge to Disclaimer: All pictures are copyright to their respective owners. does not claim ownership of any of the photos displayed in these galleries.In feature films, Helgenberger has appeared in Tootsie (1982), Steven Spielberg's Always (1989), Species (1995) and Heas seltskonnas (2004).

She won critical acclaim for In Sickness and in Health (1992) (TV), Thanks of a Grateful Nation (1998) (TV) and Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: Jon Benét and the City of Boulder (2000) (TV).

We always will have some closeness, but I think we have just a marriage of the minds, the two of us, and he's great to work with (William Petersen).

A bit of yin and yang in that relationship, for sure.

The news producer felt her name was too long and made her change it to Margi Mc Carty. Her day job was as a meat boner at the meat packing plant where her father was a meat inspector.

I doubt it will be any kind of an intimate relationship.

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