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The love letters he received were said to number in the hundreds.While facing murder charges in Florida, he became the boyfriend of Carole Ann Boone, who was convinced of his innocence—even after his conviction for three murders.

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A week after being released, Avril’s lover (the thief) beat her to death with a hammer.The day he entered San Quentin for murdering his wife and son, Scott Peterson received three dozen phone calls from female admirers and a marriage proposal from an 18-year-old girl. ‘Hybristophilia’ is a recognized mental condition where someone—most always a woman—gets intense sexual arousal from a man who’s committed notorious crimes.Most modern women would agree that they want a man who’s sensitive, empathetic, generous, selfless, and gentle.With a flair for drama, the lovebirds married in the courtroom right before Bundy received the death penalty.During conjugal visits he impregnated her and she bore his child.

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