Middle school dating stories

It wasn’t until I got to college when I had an epiphany; I could go on dates without "going out" with the person.These strange rules- which had previously separated the “good girls” from the “sluts” in Middle School and High School- no longer existed. Then I avoided her at school for the next week because she wanted a hug, and I didn't want anyone to see me giving her a hug because I didn't want them to get any ideas that we were dating.

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I’ve dated a lot more, but still a lot less than most people.

He had been turned down by pretty much every other girl there. We were dancing to that song from Waiting to Exhale. We dated for a little longer, and by dated I mean it was pretty similar to the first half I just mentioned.

She would send her friends to find me to convince me to give her a hug.

I thought that when you had your first kiss, it was supposed to be sparks flying and rainbows and maybe some music would play…

But it was just a kiss, and we really never kissed again after that.

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