Most popular gay dating website 2016

However, there’s one thing that the app needs to be more mindful for the live streaming feature: Zank, Blued’s past rival, got closed down (in Chinese) by the authorities in April due to its explicit content during live streaming and has yet to re-open.

LESDO (乐Do) is arguably the largest lesbian dating app in China, boasting 1.5 million users.

Cyber-security firm Pen Test Partners was able to precisely locate users of four popular dating apps—Grindr, Romeo, Recon and the polyamorous site 3fun—and says a potential 10 million users are at risk of exposure."This risk level is elevated for the LGBT community who may use these apps in countries with poor human rights where they may be subject to arrest and persecution," a post on the Pen Test Partners site warns.

Most dating app users know some location information is made public—it's how the apps work.

But the researchers dismissed the app's previous claim that users' locations aren't stored "precisely.""We didn't find this at all—Grindr location data was able to pinpoint our test accounts down to a house or building, i.e.

In December 2016, Blued even made a strategic investment with US dating app Hornet in an attempt to make forays into North American and Latin American markets.

As a part of the deal, Blued invested an undisclosed sum as an extension of the million Series A Hornet announced in November 2016.

"App makers must do more to inform their users and give them the ability to control how their location is stored and viewed."it uses "sophisticated technical defenses" to protect users, including monitoring application programming interfaces (APIs).

In LGBT-unfriendly countries, Hornet stymies location-based entrapment by randomizing profiles when sorted by distance and using the snap-to-grid format to avoid triangulation."Safety permeates every aspect of our business, whether that's technical security, protection from bad actors, or providing resources to educate users and policy makers," Hornet CEO Christof Wittig told .

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