Mother daughter dating site

I think that I know my daughter pretty well, yet I most certainly didn’t know everything about her interests and passions.

That is why I asked her to sit down and write down 10 things that she is most interested in and that bring her joy.

I am a mother of three amazing kids, i love being a mother and they mean everything to me, I have a great personality and like to be funny make people laugh, I am outgoing and its good to meet new people and learn new things, I would love to find a guy who wil...

Im a happy go lucky kind of person who is no longer with the mother of my daughter but we get on so i still get to see her.

Im interested in having fun and experiencing as much as i can before i get old!!

Studies show that once your children become teenagers, their friends become their confidants and their mentors.

Once her list was completed, it was time to come up with some creative dates. Going to at least three pastry shops in the area, picking up a treat in each and coming home to share them with other family members.

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Since my daughter loves reading, drawing, painting, manga, Nintendo videogames, and crafts of all sorts we were able to come up with quiet a few interesting ideas.

I'm having this profile managed by a male friend of mine as he is computerate and I'm not - all replies will be vetted by HIM so please don't make lewd suggestions! I'm new to 'internet dating' and only want to meet... I have no pictures on the PC atm, but if you're interested send me a message and I can probably get... I have an 8 yeard old daughter who i see at weekends but apart from that its all work. i have been separated for 18 months now and have 2 daughters.

I have a full term busy job, hence why i am on a dating site lol I like going out, wine, cinemas and rnb. i am a fun bubbly person who likes to have a laugh and enjoy life.... For a nice lass which cares and is loyal , I have a 4 year old daughter so would like some one who understands how stressful kids can be hence I've got no hair ,,, I'm not used with dating sites so bare with me ....

im a fun lovin mother of 3 who spends all her time doing her garden and keep my house neat and tidy while feeding and looking after my 18yr old son and mother,really looking for someone to spend some me time with as i dont get much time to myself only every 2...

Well I might aswell get straight to the point, my names natalie I'm 24.

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