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I think it’s best to honestly write lyrics.” When asked about a dating ban put in place by YG Entertainment, Lee Hi replied with a laugh, “There is a ‘don’t date’ restriction, but it’s something they said to me a while ago. From picking the right partner to coping with breakups, the "Gender and Culture" course at Seoul's Sejong University teaches students the various aspects of dating, love and sex.Lee, 28, had listed that he was a "fan of taking photos in Ikea" - and it was then that the penny dropped and she realised the pics were all a brilliant joke.

Another photo shows him deep in thought as he brandishes a paint brush at a desk surrounded by arts-and-crafts gear.Among those who were not dating, 51% of men and 64% of women said they were choosing to remain single.The country's overall unemployment rate last year rose to its highest level in 17 years, at 3.8%.She was inspired by Han Young Ae’s 1988 track “Is There Anybody? Speaking on the topic of loneliness, Lee Hi said, “I feel lonely when I don’t do anything. I keep trying to do something because I feel lonely when I’m still.In the past, I only stayed home, but these days I meet up with my friends a lot and my mom gives me a lot of strength.” On her b-side track “20 MIN,” which she participated in writing the song and lyrics for, Lee Hi explained, “I tried writing the lyrics after reading books and watching movies, but it didn’t feel real.

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