My dreamweaver template not updating pages

Is it possible to identify which pages have been generated by a specific template without actually making a change to the template and choosing to update?I want to document which files are associated with each of my templates and I would be thrilled to find a simple way of doing that. by Christopher Heng, Nearly all websites have more than one page.Creating multiple pages for a website is a relatively simple task; things only get troublesome when you want to make a design change that affects all the pages of your website.I have just added some Java Script and html to the 'head' but when I save, it doesn't update the dependent files.Are you adding the js to an editable region in the 'head'?My understanding (based entirely on trial and error) is that when I save a file that uses my template, the template piece of the file is saved.I went to my site, refreshed my file and the template portion is still wrong (I’ve changed a link in my table of contents because I moved a file from a sub-directory up to the root level — not sure I’m using the correct language there). I read the article about finding all the pages that use the same template in order to ensure that my file was using that correct template. After you update your pages, any page that has changed will have to be uploaded.

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Dreamweaver CS4 is much more than a program for designing Web pages; it’s also a complete site management tool that simplifies many of the tasks that keep Web designers busy as they build and maintain Web sites.

Dreamweaver’s Templates feature is one of the most powerful productivity boosters.

Sometimes the two process streams try to update the same file at the same time and Dreamweaver may crash or the file will not be updated correctly.

Unfortunately Dreamweaver doesn’t handle this situation the way that it should, which would be to run one stream first and then run the second one.

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