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Now, I’m all about casual sex and being sluts as long as it is consensual, but I choose to not too click this option… Sometimes there is minimal effort and they will message “cute dog” .

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I only found out about it because he happened upon my own online profile, which leads my to my first confession of the day: I’ve been dating online for close to a year now, and honestly: I’ve stopped being embarrassed about it.So I went online, signed up for Ok Cupid, created an account for an imaginary avatar, and set about to work some mischief.As far as the prank on the ex goes, it was resoundingly successful: he finished the experiment with egg on his face but no real harm done, which is pretty much how any good prank should go down.So, the real world has made me a huge advocate of internet dating. It can be a little overwhelming at times, but it’s a great way to meet like-minded, interesting, and attractive singles. As a new comer to the real world, I have limited funds, so anything free is automatically awesome. 2) Their messages comment about something besides for your looks. 3) There are at least two, preferably three, things mentioned from your profile. Unfortunately, and you already know this if you have spent five minutes on OKC, there are a lot of creepers and trolls and bros and the such on there. My profile is great – I spent about 2 hours or more on my profile. If you aren’t going to put in the effort to message me, what does that say about the potential relationship we could have? It means that he/she put an effort in to reading about who you are.

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