Online dating marriage for fun

We fell in love over our want for a life partner and our enthusiasm for living life in the most exciting ways possible.” Brian: “My wife and I met on e Harmony in August 2013 and we had our first child January of 2016. She’s from rural Kansas (graduating high school class of 30), and I’m from Dallas suburbia (graduating high school class of 1400).We’re both nurses, but in different fields and hospital networks. I think I might still have some of our first emails.Olivia contacted me first — I didn’t see her profile while browsing.When I clicked through, the first thing I looked at was her pictures, which were perfect.I think the stigma on that has changed some, as people connect with others more and more via the Internet.

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It’s easier than explaining how we met on the Internet, and not through a dating site or anything.

I was gay and just trying to figure that out, and the easiest place to do that in a small town was to use the Internet.

Now, online ‘dating’ back then was not the same as today.

I also guarantee the ratio of bad dates online, and bad dates meeting someone out is pretty similar.

(I think there should be a study done on that.) Really I think people are afraid to put themselves out there in such a public world, photos, profile…

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