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International IBC Bank does just that and more by helping MLM businesses reach unparalleled success by providing options and customer service to merchants right from the moment you contact us.

For several years International IBC Banking has been pairing our MLM merchants with acquiring banks that can provide a tailored credit card processing solution based on your company’s individual needs.

For that reason we provide, and may update from time to time, articles outlining best practices in our knowledge base.MLM businesses often find it difficult to attain a local credit card processing option which is why we pride ourselves on having affordable offshore merchant accounts ready for our difficult to place merchants.We take merchants that most generic banks refuse to take and we place them in a bank where we know they will thrive.Vendors that received the Better Business Bureau’s stamp of approval are less likely to be associated with illegal or unethical business practices.Choosing the wrong business may have terrible consequences: financial losses, time delays, poor or no results, legal action, disappointment, regret, frustration or other unfortunate outcomes.

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