Os x menu bar clock not updating

If they were, but you still cannot boot from the Niresh USB drive, unplug your USB drive, and go back to Step 1.Reformat your USB drive with Disk Utility and try again.Each drive is labeled with an identifier such as "disk0", "disk1", etc.In the screenshot below, my USB drive (which is named "PIZZA") has the identifier "disk4". Next, type the following commands: diskutil unmountdisk /dev/"identifier" sudo dd if="location of Niresh disk image" of=/dev/r"identifier" bs=1m Replace "identifier" with the actual identifier of your USB drive (don't include the quotation marks), and replace "location of Niresh disk image" with the actual file path of the Niresh disk image that you downloaded (also without quotation marks).If all else fails, try using a different USB drive for Niresh.At the Niresh menu, press the enter key (or return key) to start the OS X Mavericks installer.This will probably take 10-15 minutes, though it may take longer, depending on the speed of the drive.NOTE: If you're installing Mac OS X on a computer that already has Windows installed, you may have to enable AHCI for Windows beforehand. Also, after installing Mac OS X, you should also sync your clock on Windows with Mac OS X.

Right now, the newest iteration of OS X is 10.9, known as Mavericks.

The installer screen will take several minutes to load.

If you are trying to install OS X Mavericks on a computer using an AMD processor, you'll have to type the boot flag "amd" or "amd64" (without quotation marks)-- which flag you need depends on your specific processor, so test one flag a time.

Before starting, reset all of your BIOS settings to their factory defaults.

On Gigabyte motherboards, you can reset your BIOS settings to their default by selecting "Load Optimized Defaults" on the main page of the BIOS.

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