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While the first rowing event between women’s crews from Oxford and Cambridge took place in 1927, the first side-by-side race was contested in 1936.Until 1976, including a 12-year stretch with no racing between 19, the race location alternated between the Isis in Oxford and the Cam in Cambridge before moving to Henley-on-Thames.

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The 165th Men’s Boat Race will be umpired by Rob Clegg. He umpired the Boat Race in 2011, Isis-Goldie Race in 2015 and the Women’s Boat Race in 2016.

The 165th Men’s Boat Race and 74th Women’s Boat Race will both take place on the River Thames on Sunday, 7 April.

The races between Oxford and Cambridge universities date back to 1829, with the women’s race dating back to 1927.

delicious food, a fantastic selection of real ales, and a warm welcome to locals and tourists alike.

Seating just two dozen inside - but many more in our heated garden - we’re a small but mighty institution.

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