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They may be the first point of contact when someone walks into the building.They are full of information and resources, and may have a friendly conversation with our patients or help the patient to find their way around the clinic.

According to Living Room Coordinator Hayden, volunteers are an integral part of the work the program does.

That means a great new look that's compatible with your phones and tablets and new forum, job board, and resume software. Check out Busan HAPS Magazine article on Dave Sperling!

Thank you Busan HAPS for the excellent interview and article, Five Questions: ESL Cafe Founder Dave Sperling !

Volunteers participate as part of a service team alongside staff, helping set up and facilitate Living Room activities.

Most importantly, they spend time with members building relationships while participating in the programing.

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    The co-founders hope to host such events at least twice a year.