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But the diminution of the radioactivity limits the method to about 40,000 years without the use of "special techniques,” which radically increase the potential error factor, and above 70,000 years the amount of radioactivity is too small to register, let alone measure.

As the decay rate for each radioactive isotope is known, it is possible to calculate how long the process has been taking place for a given specimen under examination.This, alone, should tell us something very important about today’s recognized scientific community.Nevertheless, there is such a thing as a real scientist, and real science is still being done. Note well that, when modern scientists speak of cosmic distances between celestial objects, and the velocities at which such objects are moving toward or away from us, they stand on much firmer empirical evidences for their statements than when they are speaking of the age of an ancient bone fragment or fossilized leaf.When you hear a TV scientist on PBS, or on the History Channel, or on the Discovery Channel, or a teacher in a classroom, saying things like, today, we can accurately measure the age of earthly strata, you should know that what you are listening to is clear falsehood.It might have started out as more of a little fib than a flagrant lie, but over time it has taken on the respectable aura of clear and overwhelming consensus among the educated elite, world wide.

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