Rahsaan patterson dating tevin campbell

Yes, the mainstream Christian church does indeed teach that homosexuality is a spirit, but if one were to go deeper into the truth of the matter, it is very easy to be both a Christian and a proud gay or lesbian person. What we must begin to do is meet people where they are and guide them into a better understanding of who they are. There are some who are comfortable believing certain things about themselves. As important, I believe, is the need to have balance.

We need confident celebrity figures to come out as well who can show another aspect of black homosexuality.

Just as the educated black character balances out the "hood" black character in tv and film, so too must we have diversity in the gay images that are presented to those looking for gay celebrities with whom they can identify.

February 19, 2009 PM There is no ONE absolute understanding of homosexuality SO you can not judge or lambaste him because the view he subscribes is different than the one you subscribe to.

) whether due to abuse or free will publicly, then the public will no doubt have a reaction to these kind of statements and that reaction will not always be a positive one. February 19, 2009 PM I find it hard to believe that anyone would "choose" to be gay.

I don't really know, but what I do know is that I've never been in the closet or hiding anything.

For me, it has always been maintaining the privacy of what I do with the people I do it with, whoever it is.

I think people who are straight, who are homophobic, choose to be homophobic.

It is what it is and things happen in life and particularly when you are a child you don't have control over it. Do you think talking being open with your sexuality has negatively, or positively, impacted your career?

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