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I go a lot by instinct and that has worked very well.I haven’t officially had a wedding as a matchmaker, but I have been a dating coach for women for almost 20 years now, and I have dozens of marriages under my belt as a dating coach. The first client I had when I started matchmaking a year ago is still dating the second person I introduced him to.Just 30 miles north of New York City sitting on Hudson River you’ll find Rockland County—known for its quaint villages, spectacular river views, outdoor recreation.So close to the bustling city, Rockland is everybody’s playground.We are looking for singles who want to socialize, dine, dance and have fun meeting others within the greater Rockland - Bergen -Orange - Westchester County area. Click here for details ---- QLSdqyr Es3Z3Er5j K9YKRZBGSXzm-0ff41RRzq_2DQ22RKr QC3A/viewform If you are reading this announcement after the "RSVP date" given above, click the link to view the current offer ... Tonight is a multi group event with 110 participants expected; any one of the 10 sponsoring groups may have 5 to 45 reservations. ~ The resort-like setting with an inspiring castle exterior, a Muse offers a sophisticated respite with an inviting, warm and friendly social atmosphere. The Birthday offer requires presentation of a ticket from Eventbrite obtained before the day of the event.The main goals are meeting new age-appropriate singles who live "near us", experiencing comfortable settings and having fun in the process. T H E _ E V E N T: Holiday Weekend Dance Party Social ~ Sheraton Parsippany, Singles & Couples Welcome ... PBSN's DJ will be taking requests and spinning your favorite dance songs. Savory Appetizers and Dinners, menus available to 10pm. ************************** C O S T _ & _ G O O G L E _ F O R M _ R S V P _ O F F E R admission at the door ...... admission at door by pm for one /w Google Form RSVP Registration by am Saturday, August 31 ...Tonight's class is for Beginner and Intermediate level dancers. No reservation or Membership is required; Groups, Singles, Couples, Friends and walk-ins are always welcome.Accomplished dancers are always welcome to polish their skills. Meet and Greet pm Dance Party & Social pm - pm Invite your friends for an evening to "Mix, Mingle and Dance." PBSN's DJ will be taking requests and spinning your favorite dance songs ... Admission to the dance includes pm one hour optional instruction. D R E S S _ to _ I M P R E S S Gents, jacket and tie optional; ladies, wear your dancing best; no jeans, no sneakers.

Mile after mile of marked trails lead you right to the foothills of the Ramapo Mountains.

She meets clients in their neighborhood — typically at restaurants, bars, coffee shops, or in their homes.

Unlike online dating sites and services, Alexander brings a personal touch to matchmaking.

You need to really care about finding love for other people.

I do this because I love it and work extremely hard at it. Sometimes clients are very fussy and you need to keep working with them to figure out how to find the right person.

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