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She (or he) will be happy you’re so considerate, and you’ll save some bucks by picking fun and free (or nearly free) activities you can both enjoy together. Well, as the title may imply, below I have compiled a list of great activities ideal for a low budget so you won’t have to worry about who will pay. When it comes to doing more for less Griffith Park is one of he L. For one thing, you can take a nice hike at the Griffith trail (more on hiking later), where you will find yourself surrounded by nature and wilderness.[RELATED: The Best Way to Find Discount Events in Los Angeles] In short, have a plan. These suggestions will save you the shame of having to look through your couch hoping to find some quarters and nickels that may have gotten lost over the years, and your date will enthused because you’ve decided to take him/her somewhere different than just the same old haunts. Also the Griffith Observatory is FREE and if you would like to see a live show at the Sameul Oschin Planetarium, it is only dollars per admission or for students!Maybe if you both are into fishing, at the Venice pier, you can share some laughs and good vibes while catching fish.You can also people watch artists/ musicians/ surfers and be sure if the freak show is open at Venice that day to check them out and be ready to be wooed. See more: 14 Fun Thing to Do in Venice If You’re in the Neighborhood How about a cliché photo at the HOLLYWOOD sign at the Griffith Trails?Parking as well is , so same group-idea applies 😉 More information Visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and enjoy modern contemporary and abstract art and exhibitions.Check out the days with FREE ADMISSION and take pictures with the famous Urban Lights located in the entrance to the museum.You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

So instead, why not have the forethought to plan an awesome day that doesn’t break the bank? Why not show your date that you’ve put real thought and effort into what you want to do?

There’s even live Opera performances on weekends sometimes. Also, on Sundays The UCB has comedy shows for free that you can come and enjoy with your date also the Bang Bang on Thursdays at . She likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.

4800 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90027 More Information There are many free shows in L. She tends to listen to music 24/7 and always has a smile on her face.

See more: A Handy List of All the Free Museums in Los Angeles For a nice hot day how would your date enjoy a day at the beach? Perhaps, if you and your date have time, you could also go to the Camera Obscura where you can appreciate the art of photography.

Or maybe you’d like to attend special Twilight Concert series during summer as well.

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