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His hands tore at her bra, leaving it dangling from her shoulders.She pushed her breasts towards him, even offered them to him with her own hands…Continue reading I grabbed her arm and pinned her wrist to her lower back as I shoved the rest of my rigid dick inside her well-lubricated cunt.I could see that I wasn’t the only one turned on in the room. I can tell you have a man with a small dick at home. “Well maybe you can stretch it out with this nice big cock of yours,” I moaned into his ear. You’re married after all,” he said teasing me…Continue reading“Pretend, darling. I inserted my social finger into her cunt and fucked her with it for just a minute or two. I told her to reach between us and guide my prick in.Pretend I’m dripping with some other man’s cum, and eat me. She did so instantly…Continue reading“Wider baby, scooch up and rub your snatch on my face. Harder Susan, grind that juicy cunt, make me lick you good. ” String after string of white, sticky cum blasted from my red-hot cock and onto Penny’s face.Asking for rougher sex really does just boil down to having an actual Grown Ups Using Potentially Formal-Sounding Words discussion with your partner. " because that could mean 40 different things and odds are, you'll only want it to mean a very specific 10 things. I can't stress enough the importance of having a pre-sex conversation about your own limits and making sure that he understands them — and I mean really, really understands them, not just "gets the gist". (And back to the thing, if you're at his place, a tie makes a real nice blindfold or wrist binder.) 3. Don't be afraid to say "Oh hell no" when he's gone too damn far.You can even have him repeat them back to you to make sure you're not playing a game of sexy telephone (Cut to: You whisper "light bondage" in his ear and somehow next thing you know you're in a sex swing with a whip like, "Not this at all! If you don't know where to start: hair-pulling, spanking, wrist-tying, and blindfolding are popular ones. If once you get into it you realize "eh, spanking isn't for me" or "ow, too hard! " you need to feel comfortable saying, "back off, bro." Seriously, do not engage in even the slightest amount of rough sex play if you feel like you can't communicate your needs with him.It felt good, but she didn’t want it to…Continue reading“O come on bitch take it all.” Roughly he fucked my face. Fuck mommies big wet hairy pussy baby, mmmm, go on, fuck it, fuck me, go on baby. ” Their bodies were wet with sweat as Jeremy unmercifully hammered her lusty sex…Continue reading“Be easy with me now, you are so big and I am still a little tight.” I told him as I placed that huge cockhead to the entrance of my dripping pussy, “Don’t hurt me with that monster.I know all about the panties baby so come and fuck the real thing. She spread her legs wide and bent them at the knees, showing me her wide-open, hairy pussy and her pink asshole…Continue reading“Stick your fingers in my ass-hole, baby, and make mommy cum. I want to enjoy it so let me work in until I grow accustom to your big dick, OK…Continue reading Mom’s cunt did indeed look ready to be fucked.

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I pulled her hair, made her scream into her pillow and said, “Be your daddy’s little whore…Continue reading Her tight seventeen year old vagina looked as if a hard cock would tear it apart, the fleshy pink looked so fragile.

With his middle finger Anthony intruded inside of his sister, Natalie moaned and sobbed at the same time. “You’ll take what I give you and beg for more.” With that he once again slammed his cock down my throat until his pubes nestled against my nose…Continue reading I felt his massive cock against my opening and closed my eyes waiting. I felt the head push past my lips and soon into my pussy. But he was so good at being careful for my first time. Continue reading“Come inside mommy baby and then you can cum inside mommy.

She started moaning loudly as my thrusts grew faster.

Her juices were coating my cock and there was girl cream pouring from inside her.

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